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Founding Principles/Goals


Founding Principles

• Today’s registered Maine guides are licensed for many specialized interests and skills, but through membership in MWGO we share a common vision which includes stewardship of Maine’s incredible inland and coastal wilderness environment, safety for all using that environment, and adherence to the highest professional standards and traditions of guiding as an occupation.
• Maine is big enough to accommodate large undeveloped habitat for heritage hunting, fishing, and multi-day backcountry trips that do not have motorized access.
• Wildlife and fisheries management should reflect the conservation of all native species, not just the game species that we hunt and fish.
• Unwise development in Maine’s unorganized territories is a potential thre at to the livelihoods of guides and sporting camp owners.
• As professional guides we should continually strive to improve and maintain our skills.
• The traditions and culture of the registered Maine guide profession are greatly enhanced through p ublic and community ed ucational programs.


Provide a powerful voice for wilderness guides and camp/lodge owners
Represent our members’ interests with various state agencies and private landowners that manage land we use
Advocate for large scale fish and wildlife habitat conservation
Offer Professional Guide Training
and development opportunities in a variety of disciplines
Maintain the “traditional skills” and knowledge of the Maine Guide

Provide safe, educational and meaningful outdoor experiences for our clients

Promote quiet backcountry areas and trails that do not have motorized access






“Traditional skills” are defined as those skills that were essential to a Maine Guide before the development of mechanized back-country travel.