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128th Maine Legislature proposed bills

LD 5, HP0007

RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Exclude Wildlife Issues from Citizen Initiatives

LD 8, HP0009

An Act To Protect Maine's Forest Rangers

LD 9, HP0010

An Act To Prohibit the Creation of a Firearms Owner Registry

LD 11, HP0012

RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish the Right To Hunt and Fish

LD 41, SP0021

An Act To Exempt a Person under 18 Years of Age from the Requirement To Wear a Helmet While on an All-terrain Vehicle in Certain Circumstances

LD 44, SP0024

An Act To Lower the Age Requirement To Carry a Concealed Handgun

LD 45, SP0025

An Act Concerning the Ownership of a Causeway on Long Lake near St. Agatha

LD 52, HP0038

An Act To Exempt Certain Veterans from Hunter Safety Courses

LD 55, HP0042

An Act To Provide Funding for the Restoration of China Lake

LD 60, HP0047

An Act To Allow Senior Hunters To Shoot Antlerless Deer

LD 61, HP0048

An Act To Allow Bird Hunting on Sundays by Licensed Hunters Using a Shotgun

LD 62, HP0049

An Act To Remove the Prohibition on Baiting Deer

LD 98, SP0046

An Act To Eliminate Permits for Wild Turkey Hunting, Expand the Bag Limits and Expand Opportunities for Registering Wild Turkeys

LD 109, HP0077

An Act To Allow Sunday Hunting by Landowners and Those with Landowner Permission

LD 110, HP0078

An Act To Assist Island and Coastal Communities with Controlling Excess Deer Populations

LD 112, HP0080

An Act To Further Limit the Liability of Landowners Who Permit the Use of Land for Outdoor Recreational Activity

LD 117, HP0085

An Act To Strengthen the Farm and Open Space Tax Law

LD 128, SP0047

An Act To Prohibit Foraging on Private Land without Permission

LD 131, SP0050

An Act To Protect the Biomass Industry

Last bill listed LD134 2017-01-17

LD 157, HP0115

An Act To Require the Reporting of Animal Cruelty or Neglect

LD 159, HP0117

An Act To Prohibit the Mining of Massive Sulfide Ore Deposits on State Lands

LD 160, HP0118

An Act To Prohibit the Mining of Massive Sulfide Ore Deposits under the Maine Metallic Mineral Mining Act

LD 187, HP0143

Resolve, To Establish a Commission To Simplify Maine's Fishing Rules

(The above bill lists a number of people to be appointed to the panel. The lists includes representatives from SAM, and MPGA, among others. If you are interested and have the time to commit to attending meetings and hearings please contact your local legislator)

LD 188, HP0144

An Act To Allow Dipping for Smelt on King Pond in Hancock County

LD 189, HP0145

An Act To Allow Bird Hunting on Sunday in Aroostook County and Unorganized Townships in Western Maine

LD 190, HP0146

An Act To Allow Spearfishing for Northern Pike in Sebago Lake

LD 191, HP0147

An Act To Authorize 3-day All-terrain Vehicle Registration Reciprocity with the Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec

LD 222, SP0068

An Act Regarding Maine's Moose Lottery

Last bill listed LD232 as of 2017-01-22

LD 241, HP0174

An Act To Eliminate the Authority of Game Wardens To Violate the Hunting and Fishing Laws When Carrying Out the Duties of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

LD 244, HP0177

An Act To Clarify the Use of State Lands Designated for Conservation or Recreation Purposes

LD 245, HP0178

An Act To Repeal the Affirmative Defense for Cruelty to Animals

LD 253, HP0186

An Act To Repeal the Maine Metallic Mineral Mining Act

LD 254, HP0187

An Act To Implement a Moratorium on Metallic Mineral Mining

LD 275, HP0208

An Act To Expand Disabled Veteran Eligibility for Complimentary Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licenses

LD 276, HP0209

An Act To Require a Game Warden's Certificate To Kill Wild Animals Causing Damage to Crops or Orchards and Notification to Nearby Residents

LD 277, HP0210

An Act Regarding the Use of Helmets by Minors Riding in an All-terrain Vehicle with an Adult

LD 278, HP0211

An Act To Amend the Hunting Laws as They Pertain to the Training of Dogs

LD 279, HP0212

An Act To Give Veterans Priority in the Issuance of Antlerless Deer Permits

LD 286, HP0219

An Act To Promote and Encourage the Sustainability of the Elver Fishery

LD 287, HP0220

Resolve, Prohibiting the Commissioner of Marine Resources from Adopting or Enforcing Certain Rules Limiting the Quantity of Smelts a Person May Take from the Coastal Waters of the State until after Completion of a Study

LD 305, SP0091

An Act To Require Permits for Wildlife in Captivity and Notification of the Escape of Exotic Wildlife in Captivity

LD 325, HP0239

An Act To Amend the Process for Distributing Any-deer Permits

Last bill listed LD330 as of 2017-01-28

LD 340, HP0254

An Act To Allow 100 Percent Disabled Veterans To Choose the Zone in Which Their Antlerless Deer Permits Are Issued

LD 341, HP0255

An Act To Promote Deer Hunting

LD 342, SP0108

An Act To Require the Use of Personal Flotation Devices in Canoes

LD 343, SP0109

An Act To Prohibit the Discharge of a Firearm within 300 Feet of a State-owned Boat Launching Ramp

LD 350, HP0256

An Act To Repeal Certain Requirements Concerning the Sale and Purchase of Firearms

LD 351, HP0257

An Act To Allow Municipalities To Prohibit Weapons at Municipal Public Proceedings and Voting Places

LD 352, HP0258

An Act To Require a Dealer To Sell a Gun Lock with Every New Firearm

LD 357, HP0263

An Act To Create a Penalty for the Discharge of Septic Waste from Watercraft into the Inland Waters

LD 359, HP0265

An Act To Protect Maine Lakes and Ponds from Invasive Species

Last bill listed LD390 as of 2017-02-01

LD 395, HP0286

Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 200: Metallic Mineral Exploration, Advanced Exploration and Mining, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection

LD 399, HP0290

An Act To Revise Maine's Environmental Laws

LD 400, HP0291

An Act Regarding the Construction or Placement of Decks within the Shoreland Zone

LD 414, SP0141

An Act To Create the Maine Forest Resources Council

LD 421, HP0301

An Act To Promote Economic Development and Critical Communications for Rural Family Farms, Businesses and Residences by Strategic Public Investment in High-speed Internet

LD 422, HP0302

An Act To Facilitate the Creation of the Maine Water Trust To Regulate and Protect Maine's Water Supply and To Ensure the Quantity and Quality of Maine's Drinking Water

LD 423, HP0303

An Act To Extend Internet Availability in Rural Maine

LD 424, HP0304

An Act To Extend the Big Game Season in Coastal Wildlife Management Areas

LD 425, HP0305

An Act To Extend Fall Fishing Opportunities

LD 426, HP0306

An Act To Allow Hunters Whose Religion Prohibits Wearing Hunter Orange Clothing To Instead Wear Red

LD 427, HP0307

An Act To Give Certain Landowners First Priority for Antlerless Deer Permits

LD 454, HP0321

An Act To Ensure Safe Drinking Water for Families in Maine

LD 471, HP0334

Resolve, To Create the Commission To Study the Needs, Opportunities and Efficiencies Associated with the Production of Salmonid Sport Fish in Maine

LD 483, HP0346

An Act To Improve Enforcement of Snowmobile Noise Levels

LD 484, HP0347

An Act To Allow Ice Fishing in Seboomook Lake Township on Baker Lake and on Third, Fourth and Fifth St. John Ponds

LD 485, HP0348

An Act To Allow Migratory Game Birds To Be Hunted on Sundays

LD 493, HP0356

An Act To Tax the Extraction of Water for Certain Commercial Purposes and Fund Water Quality Programs

LD 506, SP0167

An Act To Allow Reciprocal Recognition of New Hampshire and Maine Snowmobile Registrations

LD 509, SP0170

An Act To Allocate at Least 10 Percent of Antlerless Deer Permits Available in Each Wildlife Management District to Hunters 70 Years of Age and Older

LD 519, HP0363

An Act To Clarify Occupancy for Tents, Campers, Trailers and Other Devices used for Camping in Unorganized Townships

LD 520, HP0364

An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Increase Rural Maine's Access to Broadband Internet Service

LD 541, HP0385

An Act Regarding the Commercial Forestry Excise Tax

LD 546, SP0181

An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Biological Research in Maine

LD 547, SP0182

An Act To Update Maine's Fishing Laws

Last bill listed LD547 as of 2017-02-09

LD 549, HP0391

An Act To Recognize Preexisting Land Uses

LD 552, HP0394

An Act To Amend Maine's Fish and Wildlife Licensing Laws

LD 553, HP0395

An Act To Offer Hunters 65 Years of Age or Older Who Have Accumulated at Least 30 Points a Guaranteed Moose Permit

LD 555, HP0397

An Act To Allow Owners of 25 Acres or More of Land That Is Open to the Public for Hunting To Take Any Deer without a Special Permit

LD 557, HP0399

An Act To Revoke the Hunting License of a Person Charged with Defacing Property Posting Signs

LD 558, HP0400

An Act To Improve Moose Hunting

LD 559, HP0401

An Act To Standardize the Law Concerning Property Transfers and To Protect Water Quality

LD 574, SP0189

An Act To Amend the Provision of Law Requiring Disclosure of the Possession of a Firearm under Certain Circumstances

LD 580, SP0195

An Act To Modify the Mining Laws

LD 586, SP0201

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Study the Public Reserved Lands Management Fund

LD 587, SP0202

An Act To Allow Fees To Be Charged for Wild Game Dinners

LD 595, HP0411

An Act Prohibiting a Law Enforcement Officer from Confiscating a Firearm under Certain Conditions

Last bill listed LD599 as of 2017-02-15

LD 604, HP0420

An Act To Protect Maine's Lakes by Prohibiting the Discharge of Waste from Watercraft

LD 630, HP0446

An Act To Expand Opportunities for Moose Permit Winners To Swap Their Permits

LD 631, HP0447

An Act To Require an Operator of an All-terrain Vehicle Driven on Certain Roads To Have a Driver's License and Liability Insurance

LD 637, HP0465

An Act To Protect Maine's Lands

LD 648, HP0462

An Act To Expand the Types of Nonprofit Organizations to Which Surplus Property May Be Sold by the State

LD 653, SP0215

Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Propose Changes to the Animal Welfare Laws

LD 662, SP0224

Resolve, Directing the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Work with All-terrain Vehicle Clubs To Develop All-terrain Vehicle Trails in Northern Maine

LD 684, HP0475

An Act To Increase Vegetative Buffers in the Shoreland Zone

LD 685, HP0476

An Act To Establish the Mining Advisory Panel

LD 686, HP0477

An Act To Remove Restrictions on the Membership of Regional Water Councils

LD 693, HP0484

An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Hunting from a Vehicle

LD 694, HP0485

An Act To Create a Local Option for a Sunday Exception Allowing Deer Hunting with Rifles

LD 695, HP0486

An Act To Double the Number of Moose Permits Available for Auction by Conservation Organizations

LD 706, HP0497

An Act To Increase the Quota for Smelts for Commercial Pelagic and Anadromous Fishing License Holders

LD 732, SP0244

An Act To Protect Young Bucks in Northern, Eastern and Western Maine

Last bill listed LD 741 as of 2017-02-28

LD 767, HP0547

An Act To Prohibit the Feeding of Deer from August 15th to December 15th

LD 768, HP0548

An Act To Establish 2 Comprehensive Licenses for Hunting and for Hunting and Fishing

LD 820, SP0265

An Act To Protect Maine's Clean Water and Taxpayers from Mining Pollution

LD 868, HP0617

An Act Regarding Game That Is Confiscated in Connection with an Alleged Violation of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Laws

LD 869, HP0618

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Tagging of Harvested Animals To Reflect the Closure of Tagging Stations Due to Holidays and Other Legitimate Reasons

LD 901, HP0629

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Determination of a Wind Energy Development's Effect on the Scenic Character of Maine's Special Places

LD 933, HP0661

An Act To Prohibit Personal Watercraft on Third Pond in Blue Hill

LD 939, HP0667

An Act To Protect Maine's Agriculture

LD 953, SP0308

An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support the Biomass Industry

Last bill listed LD 956 as of 2017-03-07

LD 1002, HP0703

An Act To Add .17 Caliber Hornady Magnum Rimfire Rifle Cartridges to the Cartridges Acceptable for Deer Hunting

LD 1018, HP0720

An Act To Prohibit Stocking Fish in or Using Live Fish as Bait on Tributaries to State Heritage Fish Waters

LD 1019, HP0721

An Act To Exempt Holders of Bear Hunting Permits from Archery Hunting License Requirements

LD 1020, HP0722

An Act To Minimize Crop Damage by Deer by Amending Certain Laws Governing Hunting

LD 1038, SP0344

An Act To Allow Junior Hunters To Take an Antlered or Antlerless Deer in Any Wildlife Management District on Youth Deer Hunting Day

LD 1040, HP0729

An Act Regarding Permitting under the Natural Resources Protection Act

LD 1041, HP0730

An Act Regarding the Safe Discharge of Firearms during Deer Hunting Season

LD 1065, HP0748

An Act To Dedicate All Money Raised from the Moose Lottery and Permits to Research and Management of Moose

LD 1083, HP0761

An Act To Increase the Penalties for Hunting Deer over Bait

Last bill listed LD 1122 as of 2017-03-20

LD 1126, HP0789

An Act To Support Tourism on Public Reserved Lands by Leasing Sites to Commercial Sporting Camps

LD 1137, HP0800

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Crossbow Hunting

LD 1154, HP0817

An Act To Provide a Voluntary Method of Determining Whether a Purchaser of a Firearm Is Prohibited from Possessing a Firearm without a Background Check

LD 1167, SP0388

An Act To Deregulate the In-state Extraction and Sale of Raw Honey

LD 1178, SP0399

An Act To Better Understand and Control Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species

LD 1179, SP0400

An Act To Increase Funding for Programs That Support the Mission of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

LD 1181, HP0818

An Act To Provide Funding to Municipalities Severely Infested by Brown-tail Moth Caterpillars

LD 1203, HP0839

An Act To Increase Transparency in Cooperative Agreements within the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

LD 1218, SP0409

An Act To Allow the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Change the Closing Date of Fishing Seasons

LD 1236, HP0859

An Act To Improve Maine's Heritage Fish List

LD 1246, HP0869

An Act To Provide Landowners a Property Tax Exemption for Certain Trails

LD 1252, HP0875

An Act To Permit the Operation of Certain All-terrain Vehicles on Public Ways

LD 1283, SP0435

An Act To Modernize the Mining Excise Tax

LD 1298, HP0895

An Act To Update Maine's Water Quality Standards

Last bill listed LD1318 as of 2017-04-01

LD 1332, HP0926

An Act To Prohibit Possession of Black Powder and Muzzle-loading Firearms by Certain Persons

LD 1369, HP0948

An Act To Support Local Agricultural Production

LD 1370, HP0949

An Act To Enhance Safety on College and University Campuses by Allowing Firearms To Be Carried on the Campuses of Public Colleges and Universities

LD 1391, HP0965

An Act To Ensure the Continuation of the Landowner Relations Program

Last bill listed LD1409 as of 2017-04-09

Added the one below on 2014-04-12

LD 1036, SP0342

Resolve, To Study Repeal of Occupational Licensing Requirements for Certain Occupations