Maine Wilderness
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Heart Teachings With Old Turtle Foundation
Street: 159 Earthways Road
Postcode: 04924
City/State: Canaan, ME
Phone: (207) 426-8138
Guided Canoe Trips & School of Wilderness Living. Join Ray for a spiritual based teaching. Sharpen your ability to see the world and to hear your heart so that these skills may guide you through life. We use meditations to quiet the mind and awaken awareness. We spend time investigating questions such as what the roots of our emotions are, how we can act from love instead of fear, and what stops us from living our dreams. Through meditation, observation, discussion and Ray’s humorous stories we come to understand the source of our troubles and why people act as they do. This understanding and awareness helps us to strip away judgment and fear so we may follow our hearts with confidence and peace. Throughout this session we draw upon the wisdom and stillness of nature. Time is spent in quiet contemplation as well as in active pursuits. You will leave this experience with a new found stillness of mind, appreciation for the earth, and clarity of purpose.
Her Wild Song
Street: PO Box 177
Postcode: 04011
City/State: Brunswick, ME
Website: Her Wild Song
Her Wild Song Contemplative wilderness travel for women. Since its inception in 1990, HER WILD SONG has been providing women with the unique opportunity to combine spiritual practice with wilderness travel. All trips include yoga and meditation. Guided canoeing and hiking in Maine, Utah, and Alaska.
Hidden Valley Nature Center
Contact Person: Gary Hayward
Street: P.O. Box 135
Postcode: 04535
City/State: Alna, ME
Phone: (207) 586-6752
Hidden Valley Nature Center offers 800 acres of diverse habitat, many small ponds and vernal pools, miles of trails, and a range of low-impact sustainable forestry projects completed and underway.