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There are several very good reasons to become a member of MWGO. Membership demonstrates your commitment to conservation and your credibility by maintaining high professional standards. MWGO will represent your interests and concerns at the state level so you can focus on your business. Through membership in MWGO you’ll meet and make contacts with other conservation minded guides and camp owners.

Over the past 5 years MWGO has accomplished the following:

We have  2 board members on the Maine Guide Advisory and Oral Exam board who are working on revising the testing process and reexamining guide standards.

We are working with the IF&W on its native brook trout initiative.

We are represented on the D.O.C. Boat Launch Advisory Committee.

We regularly attend and monitor Allagash Advisory Committee meetings to advocate for policies that protect its wilderness character.

We serve on the West Branch of the Penobscot Advisory Committee.

We participated in the East Branch Penobscot River Inventory Project.

We are advocating for the recognition and protection of traditional and historic canoe routes and carries with the D.O.C. and L.U.R.C.

Supporting your business

We developed and launch ed one of the most comprehensive and diverse searches for guides, camps, and outfitters on the MWGO website.

We provided written and oral testimony which helped kill the two bills (LD-1368 and LD-626) that would have taxed guided trips and required our clients to pay an $18.00 paddle craft license fee.

We initiated an economic impact study for professional guiding in partnership with the University of Maine Department of Resource Economics and Policy.

We were appointed to the Governor's Task Force on the Recreational Use of State owned lands to represent our members' views.

MWGO supports pro-conservation political candidates and educates them about the issues and concerns of our membership.

Conservation Advocacy

We consistently support, testify and advocate for continued Land for Maine’s Future Board funding.

We provided representation on L.U.R.C’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan working committee to insure primitive pursuits remain a priority in the new plan and to give feedback on how the new plan would impact guides.

We filed as a neutral intervener on the Plum Creek Development Plan and provided written and oral testimony with suggestions on how to modify the plan to address some guiding concerns.

We support the Penobscot River Restoration Project's goal of restoring native run sea fish while trying to address the concerns of upstream cold water fisheries' anglers.