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BOARD OF DIRECTORS and Member Meeting
Monday October 20, 2008
8:15 AM  Conference Call


David Butler, Gary Roberts, Bryan Courtois, Cathy Johnson, Greg Shute, Kevin Slater, George Libby, Ted Rodman, Lisa DeHart, Mac Davis, Bo Norris

8:15 AM Welcome   
Committee Updates

Membership Comm. - Mac is the Committee chair -
-        Contact Sporting Camp owners -                             (AI - Greg and Eric)
-        Feed a list of new members to Ted              (AI - Membership Comm.)                   
-        Letter to outing clubs -                                             (AI - Lisa and Gary) 
o     College and HS - Lisa listed several clubs, mostly college, may want to add HS clubs.
-        Gary to send out proposed letter and the list of people we intend to send it to                                                                   (AI - Gary and Lisa)
-        Add a hook at the end as to why they want to join us
-        Emphasis the shared approach of conserving area's in Maine that are set aside for people powered activities.
-        get a list of club members -
-        send hard copy letter to each club - w/brochures
-        add membership form to PDF
May need to develop a policy about whether and when we distribute our
 contact list -
 Generally do not distribute contact information, however we reserve the  option of revisiting on a case by case basis. 

                                                  (AI - Ted to draft policy and we will email vote)

May want to add a membership category for Clubs and Outing Clubs - with a range of membership cost options.  Money is less important then the commitment of the club being a supporting member.  real benefit is the potential member.  for example $100 - $250

Need better communication about what is going on.  Need to add deadlines.

After we add this new member category need a cover letter and outreach effort to promote to these orgs - new web page - mailing                 

                                                                     (AI - Membership committee)

Who is on the membership committee ????  - Mac, Lisa, David, Greg, Bryan

Kevin - Board members should generate a list of potential members and send to Ted  - Did not agree when or how many potential members each board member should submit

Ted - What is the state of membership - What is the data?  Membership by category

Members that need to be contact - Membership acquisition strategy -

Mac - rolling membership renewal will start in Dec.  - info in newsletter.

Greg -invited Ted to the membership meeting.

Compile statistics about membership for the meeting -          (AI - Bryan)

Development Comm. - Bo Norris report concerning the grant proposals

o      Including update on grant proposals
§       Jessie B Cook – Cook Family – owners of Dow Jones – deadlines mid-October – expect to hear late next week at the earliest – mid Nov email of acceptance
§       Betterment Fund –
o      Generate a list of individuals to focus on                           (AI - for Bo)
Circulate list
Need to firm up the pitch - Ted and Bo, and Exec Comm.
put together list of things we want to focus on as a pitch - What Is the org planning In the next 3-5 years - bullet list to feed Bo and Ted - Conservation - Education - Improving Guides mission - etc.
Becoming a voice for non-motorized outdoor recreation enthusiasts;  Core appeals for the organization  

                                                                             (AI - Greg and Kevin)

                                                              (Bo and Ted to work on letter)

Guide Education and Policy Comm.
o      Guide Oral Exam Board - meeting tomorrow 10/20/2008
§    Kevin to ask for preferential treatment for MWGO as a training and Apprentice offer organization
Also plans to ask for list of guides
o      Guide Training - Bryan, George, Lisa, David, Kevin - interested in getting something going on this. 
(AI - Kevin to call meeting to kick off this effort) 
Need to develop a framework

o      "We should own this aspect of Guiding" - Ted   
o      LL Bean - sponsorship for sporting shows ????
o      Still looking to get Pro Plan participation from Bean's 

Executive Comm. - Kevin, Greg, Bo, David
o      New Vice President
Lani has asked to step down from the Board. 
If you have any ideas about potential VPs please contact an Exec committee member
o      MWGO is pursuing 501(c) status - Need to make this a priority - need a time line and some urgency to making this transition

Advocacy  Comm. -
o      Cathy Johnson -  acquisitions along the Allagash - some interest
o      LURC and BPL interested in carry trails (Kevin put a list of 5 priority trails)
§       Sam Hodding ??? contact as a potential private sponsor -
o      Comp Land Use Plan - currently being revised
§    Need to get our membership out to these meetings
o      Informal group Rec Info and Access forum - met last week and talked about ecological reserves.  Non-motorized use on public lands - Update of rec uses on state land - New person Rex Turner that is responsible from DOC - Greg suggested that we have a meeting - Greg will follow-up AI  - Kevin suggested meeting with Rex as an add on to next meeting
o      Plum Creek - Accepted the LURC changes - next 3 months those changes will be incorporated into the plan
o      May want to keep In mind that IF&W may be combined with Marine Resources.  How this affects MWGO Is not clear. 

Financial and Legal Comm.
-        Kevin looking into some of the more immediate liability insurance for the board, etc.

Newsletter Comm. - Mac -
§   Profile of Blaine Miller
§   Profile of Sporting Camp - need to get Peirce Pond Camps as a member - OR find another camp to profile
o      Kevin suggested approaching Eric about being profiled
§   Profile of Supporting member -
§   Gary will have his article by the end of this week
§   Articles due by end of month Oct 30th
§   Greg to do first draft of Presidents letter
§   Ted sent Mac potential newsletter format for consideration

Teens To Trails Winter Workshop
-        Last weekend in January  (1/31/2009)
-        Skill development for Outdoor Leaders
-        Greg to pursue sponsorship opportunity  (AI Greg)
-        Ted suggested providing discount for new membership
-        Need to find out who could lead workshops and how to reach out to MWGO membership  - perhaps 10 meeting
-        Provide MWGO membership info to participants and follow-up as the event goes through
-        Lisa willing to host the MWGO booth at the T2T Winter Workshop

Website - Desire to upgrade website to search for a guide by various criteria
Goal is to provide better marketing of our member guides

                                                                          (AI  - David to contact Nancy)

Mac - provide contact info Ken Pooly(???) - we pay $200 / year for web hosting

Next Meeting - November 17th.  9 - Noon  - Greg will place TBD - in Augusta area


Kevin voted to adjourn the meeting

Mac second

Unanimous vote to adjourn

Meeting adjourned - 12:27pm

Maine Wilderness Guides Organization, Augusta, Maine

126 Western Avenue #155
Augusta, Maine 04330