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Winter Guide Training
From Monday, December 14, 2020
To Friday, December 18, 2020

Dates: 12/14/2008-12/18/2020

Arrive by 7PM on Wednesday and wrap up by 4PM on Sunday
Cost: $675

This workshop is designed to cover the skills needed to safely guide in the winter. Whether you are guiding snowmobile, dogsled, ski or snowshoe/toboggan trips there are a lot of skills required of a guide that are specific to the winter environment.
The following topics will be covered in depth:
·              Hypothermia - recognition, prevention, treatment
·              Frostbite - recognition, prevention, treatment
·              Ice Reading - characteristics, formation, safe route selection
·              White-out navigation - map & compass, GPS, traditional Inuit techniques
·              Minimal Equipment - for any type of winter travel - human powered or snowmobiles
·              Snow machine Travel - off trail, freighting loads with quamotiks & toboggans, dealing with slush, the "well outfitted" snow machine, tow ropes vs. tow bars
·              Winter bivouac - Spending a night out with the clothes on your back, snow & bough shelters
·              Client Concerns - Looking after your ³sports² in the winter
·              Winter Camping Techniques - Setting up a safe, dry, warm traditional winter camp, fire building with and without matches
·              Dog & Human Powered Travel - Depending on snow/ice conditions we will also cover the basics of snowshoe and dog team use.
       Umbagog Lake area

       Kevin Slater/Polly Mahoney - 
       Mahoosuc Guide Service
       1513 Bear River Road
       Newry, ME 04261 
       (207) 824-2073     
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

website: http://www.mahoosuc.com/

Maine Wilderness Guides Organization, Augusta, Maine


126 Western Avenue #155
Augusta, Maine 04330