MWGO’S Wilderness Guide Quality EndorsementMWGO Wilderness Guide Quality Endorsement

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In an effort to maintain high guiding standards and to encourage professional guides to continually strive to improve their skills, the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization (MWGO) has created the Maine Wilderness Guides Quality Endorsement Program. The standards to be met to receive the Maine Wilderness Guides Quality Endorsement are higher than the State of Maine standards, but are standards that most professional guides would want to achieve and maintain. The Maine Wilderness Guides Quality Endorsement Program is voluntary – no one is required to participate. Endorsed guides may use the Maine Wilderness Guides Quality Endorsement logo in their marketing and promotional materials.

To apply for the Maine Wilderness Guides Quality Endorsement, download and complete the application form and mail to the address at the bottom of the application.

Please send all requested documentation in one packet. For additional information or questions about the Maine Wilderness Guides Quality Endorsement Program, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (207) 284-3731.

MWGO Wilderness Guide Quality Endorsement – Summary

A.     General Qualifications: apply to any guiding discipline recognized by the State of Maine

a.       Must be a member in good standing with the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization

b.      Participation is voluntary

c.       Guides must maintain current First Aid and CPR certifications – the 16-hour Wilderness First Aid course is the minimum standard accepted

d.      Documented ongoing Professional Development that is guiding related must be demonstrated, with a minimum of 16 hours every 3 years

e.       Documented Public Service work in the fields of outdoor education, conservation education, or outdoor safety must be demonstrated, with a minimum of 24 hours every 3 years

f.        Documented minimum of 5 years experience in the specific discipline for endorsement must be achieved

g.       References – one from a guide and one from a client the applicant has guided in the past

h.       Endorsement is valid for a 3 year period

B.     Rationale

a.       State of Maine standards are not high enough (i.e. no First Aid requirement for renewal)

b.      Quality endorsement encourages a higher standard for professionalism

c.       Quality endorsement is a marketing asset

C.     Endorsement Process

a.       A member of the endorsement committee will confirm receiving your application and references

b.      After the committee reviews your application materials, they will contact you to schedule an interview either in person or by phone

c.       The committee will notify you within a week of the interview if you have been endorsed

d.      If you are not endorsed, the reasons will be communicated and a plan developed to work with the applicant towards endorsement

Maine Wilderness Guides Organization, Augusta, Maine

126 Western Avenue #155
Augusta, Maine 04330